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Josh Durham is a writer's and director's dream actor. He is always prepared, always professional and has a million ideas to bring to the characters he plays.  He is a consummate team player and knows that the most important gift he has is to help tell the story as truthfully, effectively and interestingly as possible. “

                                                        Theresa Bell, Acting Coach


"Josh brought  a tremendous emotional depth to the table for his character on "Still Born" - and was a positive influence working on set"

                                                          Todd Terry, Actor

                                                          Breaking Bad, American Crime

“I have seen Josh grow by leaps and bounds as he let go of his thoughts of controlling a scene and his pre-conceived ideas about what he thought his characters were, willing to be vulnerable, moving into his gut where acting becomes being. Being genuine

and authentically reacting in the scene and in the moment. This is where our craft becomes truth and truth becomes art”                                                        

                                                        G. Russell Reynolds, Actor


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